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Welcome, here you will find the unique and interesting, fiction and nonfiction, eBooks and 'physical' books that we publish. Please browse and enjoy.
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Riley gets a shock when he meets Frupp Twizzy for the first time, as he isn’t human or an alien!
-- This is REAL prayer -- taking control of your own destiny through the affirmation of what you believe to be rightfully yours, or at least on its way into your life.
Complacency can be fatal. Kate pays the price, her past rears up ugly and brutal, tearing a hole in her safety and the security of everyone around her.
Know your enemy”. But what happens when your enemy is supposed to be on your side?
Bailey Johnson returns to the family ranch to attend her father’s funeral. She discovers that it's in dire financial trouble, can she save the ranch?
Chasing suspects across the galaxy is a complicated business. But if the suspect is you, then it makes it even more complicated.

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Miracles On The Camino

Miracles On The Camino
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Fantasy and Poetry (writing as Barbara Thomas).
Crime & Detective and Poetry.
Martial Arts and Biography.
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