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A Christian Romance by Linzy Bruno - See full details or view at your local Amazon website.
A true story largely told through poetry of heartbreak and then finding both the love of a good man and a deeper understanding of the love and mercy of God.
The Legend of Salt & Sauce by Jamie Clubb -See full details or view at your local Amazon website.
10th Anniversary Edition - Updated, added to and with additional photographs.
‘The Legend of Salt and Sauce’ at last reveals the true story of Britain's most famous and feared elephants, and the people who knew them. It is a tale that began in the jungles of India and plays out in Great Britain, as these literal giants of the entertainment world walked the length and breadth of the country.
Willie - The Life and Times of Willie Horne by Mike Gardner -See full details or view at your local Amazon website.
He was captain of Great Britain, England, Lancashire and Barrow. His style of play, like his style of captaincy, was courageous, decisive, inventive and inspiring.
Willie Horne, as survey after survey of rugby league fans has endorsed, was one of the sport's all-time greats - many would claim THE all-time great.
This is the Willie Horne story, an authorised biography with all the pace, wit and social commentary of a best-selling novel.
MIRACLES ON THE CAMINO by Mike Gardner -See full details or view at your local Amazon website.
The uplifting true story of one man’s amazing pilgrimage to Santiago.
Mike says he witnessed four miracles, and enjoyed dozens of experiences that were either the result of mystic forces or coincidences that stretch the laws of statistics way, way beyond breaking point. He acquired two sons, three daughters, three sisters and brothers too numerous to put a figure on. His pilgrimage is the essence of everything that is so wonderful about this unique place - there is nowhere like it on Earth.
Travel Through Life by Matt Sundakov - See full details or view at your local Amazon website.
Based on the author's life which, even though quite turbulent and dramatic, is presented with vivid observations and good humour. There is also a lot of fascinating information on Soviet culture, traditions, customs and the mentality of ordinary folk, as it was seen and experienced by the author as he grew up. Learn about Matt's personal life, and more importantly - about life and feelings of his generation in the old USSR and the reasons for leaving that 'mysterious' country by so many people. From his boyhood up to and beyond his emigration to the West in the beginning of 1979.
A Section for Laughing by Neil Walton - See full details or view at your local Amazon website.
Neil Walton survived a protracted clinical depressive phase, only to be diagnosed with type II bipolar disorder. An occupational therapist referred him to a local editorial team and writing ensued... His observational humour (and a life full of much craziness with the occasional added dash of extremely strange) has given birth to 'A Section for Laughing'.
Nobody's Nomad by W G Warren - See full details or view at your local Amazon website.
We all have a story. This is our story. A delightful, humorous, yet occasionally dispirited comparative of then and now that explores life after a devastating loss of income – and our home. Witness ‘Providence in Action’ as my wife, Cynthia, and I traverse the roads to acceptance and peace . . . and unravel the significance contained in the nine profound words to weather a foreclosure.

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