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Kate Markus - A Stolen Life by Faith Byrd - See full details or view at your local Amazon website.
What do you do when someone turns up pretending to be your husband? What do you do when that person threatens your children and grandchildren? Read Kate’s story, see what happens when a family is put under terrible pressure and how a strong woman responds.
Kate Markus - The cold case of lies by Faith Byrd - See full details or view at your local Amazon website.
A good friend asks Kate Markus to investigate and write a book about the murder of Karen Angelo... a cold case that happened years ago...
Join Kate Markus as she takes on the task, little realizing that she once again may be facing danger and with no foreshadowing of the amazing new love she will find that will affect her and her family.
Kate Markus - Revenge by Faith Byrd - See full details or view at Amazon.
Kate senses impending danger, but is it real? She wonders if maybe she needs the adrenaline rush and it’s just imagination. But complacency can be fatal. Kate pays the price, her past rears up ugly and brutal, tearing a hole in her safety and the security of everyone around her.
The Charity Thieves by Robert Cubitt - See full details or view at your local Amazon website.
When did working with a TV company become an invitation to risk life and limb?
Andy Mirren can’t believe his luck when he is appointed to work as the liaison between his charity and the TV company that runs its annual telethon. But his dream turns to a nightmare as he discovers that the producer and his girlfriend are on the take and that the glittering array of celebrities he must look after are a bunch of idiots (and that’s putting it politely).
Karateka by Nik Forster - See full details or view at your local Amazon website.
REVISED EDITION - The original version of this book was published in 2015 with the title Urban Samurai.
Tony Mason loves Karate, he loves it enough to overcome personal tragedy and go to Japan to study it in depth... However shortly after his return to his native Australia, he ends up in prison. There his karate comes in useful but it makes him an enemy of the worst kind.
This is Lena by Chris Graham - See full details or download for FREE from your local Amazon website.
This is Lena - is a FREE compendium of Recreation and Payback:
Recreation - "Yes, you do look a little familiar…"
A short story prequel to Chris Graham's, the 'Lena's Friends' novels. The year is 2004. You are about to meet Lena Fox for the very first time. Lena sells herself. She works as a high class escort. In essence, she is a prostitute. A very good one, a very successful one, she enjoys her work immensely and has done very well from it.
Payback - “Does that make me a bad person?”
Payback is the second, novella length, prequel to Chris Graham's, 'Lena's Friends' series. Lena Fox, and two of her friends are among the professional 'escorts' who are engaged to work as ‘hostesses’ at the opening of an exclusive but illegal gambling club, hidden away in one of Bristol's leafy suburbs. A body is found in the tidal mud of the River Avon and naturally, questions are asked by the police. Who was the murderer and why did they commit the crime?
Lena's Friends Series by Chris Graham
Click below to see details or to view on your local Amazon website.
Transactions - details or Amazon website.
Coincidences - details or Amazon website.
Retributions - details or Amazon website.
Sharknose - details or Amazon website.
Deadweight - details or Amazon website.
Disrespected - details or Amazon website.
Selected - details or Amazon website.
Resa James Mysteries by Thea Hartley
Click below to see details or to view on your local Amazon website.
Book 1 - Kith And Kill - details or Amazon website.
Book 2 - Sticks And Bones - details or Amazon website.
Book 3 - Kill And Cure - details or Amazon website.
Book 4 - Tooth And Claw - details or Amazon website.
Book 5 - Gone And Forgotten - details or Amazon website.
The Wonderland Gang by Mick O'Shea - See full details or view at your local Amazon website.
A well known member of the London underworld of the 1960s, Bruce Milner is about to be ‘fitted-up’, framed for a crime that he didn’t commit... He finds himself tied up in an Undertaker’s basement, not the most salubrious of accommodation. Will he be able to escape the basement and the clutches of the law or will he find himself locked away for a very, very long time?
A Fishy Death by Peter Quinn - See full details or view at your local Amazon website.
A murder linked to illegal immigration and people trafficking. A crime which takes place in Northlodge, a port in the North-East of England. Duncan and Diamond, two detectives, from very different backgrounds are tasked with solving the case. Diamond is a young, enthusiastic Sergeant and Duncan, his world weary Inspector.
The Plague Doctor by C P Sennett - See full details or view at your local Amazon website.
A sadistic killer stalks the city of Green Valley Falls and with limited resources the police are getting nowhere. Laurie Hood, a young man living a mundane life loses a friend to the killer and begins investigating the case himself. He quickly has to adapt to his new life as the killer widens his list of targets and as his reign of terror continues. Can one man make a difference?
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