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Willie - The Life and Times of Willie Horne by Mike Gardner -See full details or view at your local Amazon website.
He was captain of Great Britain, England, Lancashire and Barrow. His style of play, like his style of captaincy, was courageous, decisive, inventive and inspiring.
Willie Horne, as survey after survey of rugby league fans has endorsed, was one of the sport's all-time greats - many would claim THE all-time great.
This is the Willie Horne story, an authorised biography with all the pace, wit and social commentary of a best-selling novel.
A True - History of Cricket by Neil Walton - See full details or view at your local Amazon website.
A short (just over 7,000 words) and excruciatingly funny 'history' of the game of cricket... "Let’s get to grips with the modern game, the game I call Sticks and Twigs. Now, I know what a football is, and I know it’s the name of a game, but what is a cricket? Tis neither bat nor ball nor stump - is it?"
How to Find Your Lost Balls by Ron Warne - See full details or view at your local Amazon website.
Golf, a nice walk spoiled by chasing a little white ball. This heavily illustrated, side splitting, often sexually suggestive humour book will leave you with top ten lists, quizzes, jokes, lot and lots of cartoons, and a totally new perspective on the “game of kings” who are looking to find their lost balls.

The A to Z of (Amateur) Golf by Robert Cubitt -See full details or view at Amazon.
Golf. Learn why the game is so challenging, why so many golfers aren’t better at it and why it is sometimes such a sheer joy to play.

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