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A Christian Romance by Linzy Bruno
A Christian Romance
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A true story largely told through poetry of heartbreak and then finding both the love of a good man and a deeper understanding of the love and mercy of God.

When it comes to us
I don’t need to dance
“the waltz” or “tango” with you
and that’s because our own unique dance
will never leave this girl feeling blue!
“The dance of love” is the way
lovers talk without words
to make their desires known;
it’s beautiful, gliding slow and steady
and through it their feelings are shown.
So you don’t have to dance “the hustle” or “the jerk”
to keep my head turned or my flame burning;
all I need is our own special way to feel our love’s flow
and to always know your heart’s yearning.

eBook details:
Number of Words: 6500
Published: Oct 2014
Genres: Biographies and Romance

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