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A Fishy Death by Peter Quinn
A Fishy Death
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A murder linked to illegal immigration and people trafficking. A crime which takes place in Northlodge, a port in the North-East of England.

Duncan and Diamond, two detectives, from very different backgrounds are tasked with solving the case. Diamond is a young, enthusiastic Sergeant and Duncan, his world weary Inspector.

Inspector Duncan is old school, a working-class product of his time. The Sergeant is the Force’s new breed, a graduate fast tracked into a changing service. However, unlike some of his generation Duncan appreciates his subordinate’s talents and realises he can channel them and with some guidance utilise them to produce effective results.

Their Chief Inspector has a vendetta with a local gangster boss and he sees the gangster’s influence in any criminality in his area. Good policemen follow orders even if it may lead to Duncan and Diamond being distracted from the task in hand and jeopardise their solving of the case.

eBook details:
Number of Words: 52000
Published: Jun 2015

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