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A Rational Approach to Chi - Sorting facts from nonsense with critical thinking - by Bruce Everett Miller
A rational approach to Chi
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'Chi' is that mystical energy much beloved by a variety of people including many martial arts instructors but is it actually real? Bruce Everett Miller looks at Chi (and related topics) and comes to some interesting conclusions.

The simple fact is that almost everything you have probably been taught about Chi is either unsupportable assumptions or incorrect and out-of-date information. Bruce Miller looks at the facts and provides evidence to show exactly what is and is not 'Chi'.

If you are a martial artist, prepare to be awakened. If you are a believer in 'Chi' mysticism, prepare yourself to be annoyed when you are assailed by facts and evidence. If you are just curious, prepare yourself to be informed and entertained...

This is a 'second edition' - more precisely, it's a complete re-write with lots more and up-to-date information.

eBook details:
Number of Words: 26000
Published: Oct 2013

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