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Advanced Fighting Techniques - by Bruce Everett Miller
Advanced Fighting Techniques
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Most martial arts schools do not really teach their beginning students the real principles behind sparring. People get their knowledge by competing against other classmates in their dojo. That may be fine in the dojo but it is not what you need when you run into the unknown on the street.

This book will try to teach you the real principles behind what works and why it does. And definitely to try and teach you what not to do and to explain why.

It wil explain the rules and principles behind sparring, not just against someone who has no fighting experience but how to stay alive and win against someone who is trained in martial arts. This book will try to be as complete as possible covering the range from basic to really advanced techniques. So somewhere along the line, you (whatever your skill and experience) should be able to find something that you can use. Remember: the real purpose of sparring is to learn to defend yourself when you really need it. Unless you can make that happen, everything else is just an expensive game and YOU will pay for failure.

eBook details:
Number of Words: 25000
Published: May 2014

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