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Advanced Pressure Points - The System of Pressure Points - by Bruce Everett Miller
Advanced Pressure Points
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Building on from Bruce's eBook 'Pressure Points - The Deadly Touch', this eBook looks at Pressure Points as a complete system!

Written by Bruce Everett Miller an expert martial artist and someone who actually understands Western medical and scientific theory this book gives answers. It describes a system ('The System of Pressure Points') which encompasses much more than simply hitting different structures of the body. The System encompasses everything from simple pain production at the low end of the spectrum, through massive pain production and on to balance control and incapacitating your opponent through their own reflexes and / or producing a knockout.

Unlike many methods, the closer you look at The System the BETTER you will understand it and the more you can use it! Yet there is no need to memorize a massive number of rules that might get in your way if you should be in a fight 'on the street'. If you understand The System you will know how to make it work and your opponent will have a VERY BAD DAY!

The System uses Western medical terminology gives you exact explanations and locations so there is no confusion on what points work or why.

Using Western medical science also provides a solution for the problems that some martial artists have with non-responders. This is not a book for a beginner it is a book for the serious martial artist who wants to improve their understanding of what makes the body work (and how you can interrupt those processes) and to take their defensive and fighting abilities to a higher level.

eBook details:
Number of Words: 19500
Published: May 2014

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Bruce's books and profile: Click here

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