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Aemily by Jo Saunders
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Emily is a young girl who can hear other people’s thoughts. She lives in Natal in the late 1900s.

Ben lives in England five centuries earlier. From his dying father he inherits the powers of flight and telepathy. Untrained, he starts experimenting with both. He flies further and further afield until one day he passes through a time barrier.

Young Emily​ is gardening when she becomes aware of Ben, a ​ hazy ​youth in strange​, pixie-like​ clothes. He is different from other people​ and is interested in her plants.​ He calls her Aemily.

They become friends.

This is the story about Ben’s obsession with Aemily, and Emily’s ​determination to live an ordinary life despite Ben. As Emily grows through adolescence she​​ falls in love with her step-cousin, Michael. This triggers a rage in Ben which leads to devastating events.

​And then there is Donal, a black druid from Ben’s era who is awed by Ben’s powers​​. In the guise of mentor, he uses his ​own ​arcane knowledge to manipulate Ben.​ ​Donal hopes to win Aemily for his own nefarious ends.​

Magic​, intrigue, love​,​ heartache, and loss combine to weave a tale of mystery and redemption.

eBook details:
Number of Words: 61500
Published: Nov 2017
Genre: Fantasy

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