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Ayumi Girl of the Borneo Forest by Nik Forster
Ayumi Girl of the Borneo Forest
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Ayumi is a young Japanese girl, who at the age of seven discovers she has a gift that enables her to telepathically communicate with animals.

Her father, an executive with a timber company, is sent to Borneo to supervise and set up a logging camp. He takes his wife and daughter with him.

Ayumi befriends a large orang-utan whom she later names Roger. A deep and meaningful friendship develops which results in her decision, after an argument with her parents, to live in the forest with Roger as her mentor.

She has many adventures and sees firsthand the problems that people cause for the animals of the forest but will she ever be reunited with her parents?

eBook details:
Number of Words: 42000
Published: Jun 2019

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