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B J Beach
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The Grrybhñnös Chronicles
A prequel to 'The Trouble With Magic' series.
Hunted for their fur, their magic skills almost forgotten, the Grrybhñnös race faces extinction. Relocated to another world through a shift portal by an unexpected ally, they are helped and guided by the Alimanthiristine, (the Alima) a race of beautiful elementals acting as temporary guardians of Alith, the Grrybhñnös’ new home.
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The Wilder
Volume 1 in 'The Trouble With Magic'.
“The lingering stink of previous occupants didn’t bother Grub. That particular blend of odours was something with which he had become familiar during his short life. He’d grown accustomed to a variety of malodorous whiffs and stenches over the last few years, and recognised most of them. There was even a bizarre comfort in the skittering and squeaking of the rats who shared his cell. He envied them their freedom, their ability to cope with enclosed spaces and confining walls, their security in the knowledge that they had a way out.”
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Mage Prime
Volume 2 in 'The Trouble With Magic'.
Karryl’s face was thunderous. “Killers, yes. Natural born? No. Nothing could be further from the truth. When you and your men have had time to recover and made your reports, come to our apartments and I’ll show you what little information we have on these vile creatures.”
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War Of Power
Volume 3 in 'The Trouble With Magic'.
“The rattle of sleet lashing against his study window was doing nothing to improve Karryl’s mood. He had returned to the palace apartment after the winter holiday, keen to start work on solving the mystery of how Keril’s book and the medallion interacted. Now, after two days of fruitless trial and error, he sat gazing dejectedly at the pages of small close writing, wondering why something which reason told him would be so simple, was proving so intractable.
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A Minstrel's Quest
Volume 4 in 'The Trouble With Magic'.
The fourth book in the ‘Trouble With Magic’ introduces a new ‘hero’ the Minstrel Corlin (although a few ‘old friends’ may appear along the way). It can be read in order - you have read the previous three stories, haven’t you? Or it can be read as a standalone tale of magic and adventure.
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A Knight Out (Of Time)
A Novella set in the 'The Trouble With Magic' Universe.
It isn’t every day that a knight from the past drops in for a visit, but when two arrive simultaneously and in different places they bring more problems than just that of returning them to their own time. For a while there seem to be more questions than answers, and King Vailin’s magician Symon finds himself faced with more than one perplexing trail to follow. It does seem, however, that all those trails lead to Baron Cedric’s castle at Odstone.
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Just a Minute
A delightful book of poetry including:
Behind This Door
Don’t be deterred by shabby paint
Or tiny cracks which mar the glass
Appearance need be no restraint
Whenever through this door you pass
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B J Beach
B J lives near the north coast of West Cornwall. Her large mobile home, with distant views of St.Ives Bay, is partly enclosed by a semi-wild garden which is regularly visited by various wildlife, including a badger, foxes, squirrels, and a multitude of birds. She has been writing since childhood, but only began taking it seriously when she retired after being widowed a few years ago. Much of her writing is in the epic fantasy genre, although she frequently ventures into horror and the supernatural, with some poetry thrown in for good measure.
She is well travelled, mainly in North Africa and the Himalayas, and has also had a number of occupations as widely ranging as military service to long distance lorry driver to retailing, with a number of points in between. The impressions and life experiences gained have, she feels, helped her to add colour and authenticity to her writing.

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