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Romance  Fantasy

This is the story of Savanna Hastings, told by her adopted daughter Contessa. Spanning more than a lifetime and travelling between the East and West coasts of the USA, this is a story full of romance and heartache and surprises. However, perhaps in the end it’s a story of people and their spirit to make something of themselves...
Best seller novelist Daniel Carson returns one year after a year long book tour for his latest book. He knew his dedication had finally paid off, but it was not without problems. He would have to come back and face what he left behind a year ago...
A Novella set in the 'The Trouble With Magic' Universe. It isn’t every day that a knight from the past drops in for a visit, but when two arrive simultaneously and in different places they bring more problems than just that of returning them to their own time. For a while there seem to be more questions than answers, and King Vailin’s magician Symon finds himself faced with more than one perplexing trail to follow. It does seem, however, that all those trails lead to Baron Cedric’s castle at Odstone.
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