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Brothers Unite by Ermine Hibbert
Brothers Unite
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Eden Vale is a beautiful, fruitful and well-watered village on an idyllic Island in the Caribbean Sea. Frank and Jack, two brothers who were devoted to each other, lived there with their parents. After leaving College, Frank the eldest brother worked with his father in the building industry. Jack did as Giggle, his mother, wished and went to University.

Giggle opposed the arrangements her husband Jaycee had made for the future of the boys. She stole the money that he had saved for both his sons and gave it all to Jack. She insisted that Jack leaves Eden Vale to start a new life for elsewhere. Jack goes away unwillingly, and resents Giggle for exposing him to that dilemma.

Many years later Jack returns as a successful business man with his wife and sons to unite with his brother Frank and father Jaycee. He discovers that Giggle had died of a broken heart and Frank is now married.

This is the story of how Jack stamped out favouritism in two families and how he worked to create harmonious family values within their extended families.

eBook details:
Number of Words: 46200
Published: Jul 2014

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