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Cascade by Yomi Makanjuola
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When a young middle class Nigerian loses his ability to speak in a freak accident, it naturally has a profound effect on his life. However, despite some of his peers being less than considerate, teenaged Franklin Delano, known to his friends as simply FDR, isn't one to be put off that easily, nor will he compromise on his own principles as he makes his way through high school and university.

“Were you present at Mr. Pai’s house on the day in question?”
“Yes, I was,” I wrote on the flip-chart provided.
“Were you alone in the house while Mr. and Mrs. Pai were out?”
“I would rather not answer that question.”
“Are you trying to protect or shield someone else?”
“I would rather not answer that question.”
“Did you offer to sell the leaked papers to Ike Udoh?”
“No, I did not.”
“Are you suggesting that Ike is lying?”
“Yes, he is.”

As an adult, finding himself working in a world where the economies of corruption, kidnap, and fragile finance are rubbing shoulders with international commerce, he discovers that his beloved Nigeria is fraught with dangers as it strives to find its place in the modern global marketplace.

“Bus Number 21 had just picked up its last passenger at 7:40 a.m. that Thursday morning and would begin to drop off its passengers at designated locations within the industrial estate. Less than two hundred metres from the entrance gate and completely out of the blue, two saloon cars pulled up on either side of the bus. Several men (all wearing bandanas or handkerchiefs covering the lower half of their faces) jumped out shooting into the air.”

But sometimes the targets are a lot bigger and far more lucrative, as when politics muddy the waters, the stakes get even higher.

For some though, life, love and business must still continue as it always has.

'Cascade' provides us with a fascinating insight into middle class Nigerian education, how Africa is perceived by both African and non African blacks, and into urban Nigeria in general, during the nineties and up until today.

Written convincingly as a memoir, the reader will have to constantly remind his or her self that this is in fact a novel.

eBook details:
Number of Words: 105500
Published: Apr 2015

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