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Chris Graham
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Crime & Detective
This is Lena - FREE
This is Lena - is a FREE compendium of Recreation and Payback:
Recreation - "Yes, you do look a little familiar…"
A short story prequel to Chris Graham's, the 'Lena's Friends' novels. The year is 2004. You are about to meet Lena Fox for the very first time. Lena sells herself. She works as a high class escort. In essence, she is a prostitute. A very good one, a very successful one, she enjoys her work immensely and has done very well from it.
Payback - “Does that make me a bad person?”
Payback is the second, novella length, prequel to Chris Graham's, 'Lena's Friends' series. Lena Fox, and two of her friends are among the professional 'escorts' who are engaged to work as ‘hostesses’ at the opening of an exclusive but illegal gambling club, hidden away in one of Bristol's leafy suburbs. A body is found in the tidal mud of the River Avon and naturally, questions are asked by the police. Who was the murderer and why did they commit the crime?
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Transactions - Vol 1 Lena's Friends

Transactions - “The special selection box of assorted tarts” - is the first full length novel, in Chris Graham's, 'Lena's Friends' series.
Two middle class schoolgirls, working as prostitutes, provide the thread that ties together the lives of various characters around the city of Bristol, along with the crimes that some of them are involved in both at home and abroad.

Vol 1 - Transactions - details or Amazon website.

Lena's Friends - crime novels
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Vol 2 - Coincidences - details or Amazon website.
Vol 3 - Retributions - details or Amazon website.
Vol 4 - Sharknose - details or Amazon website.
Vol 5 - Deadweight - details or Amazon website.
Vol 6 - Disrespected - details or Amazon website.
Vol 7 - Selected - details or Amazon website.
A Walk on the Mild Side
Poetry from the archives of Chris Graham.
Separated into themes, the poems include the inevitable ‘incurable romantic’ ramblings, the idealistic dreamer’s thoughts, the reactions to things and places, and the rhyming ‘lyrics’ to those never written rock songs.
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Chris Graham spent his working life riding motorcycles and driving vans to earn a living. Along the way he met many different types of people and saw a whole load of different places. Today, he still rides and drives, but the riding is for fun when the weather is good and the driving is purely 'social, domestic and pleasure', as the insurance companies like to refer to it.
From England's tranquil West Country, where he now lives, to the busy city streets, and of course the open road that was his companion for so long, Graham traversed the country, and beyond, delivering anything and everything from documents to diamonds, and even body parts, to people as varied as artists and ad men, musicians and actors, engineers, lawyers, fashion designers… people of all walks of life from tarts in massage parlours and professors in labs to members of the royal family… not to mention working as a despatch rider for TV camera crews at major events in the days before the digital age, when the tapes needed rushing off to catch the satellite link 'window' so that news hungry audiences in America got their pictures.
All of these experiences and more, got shelved away, for future use in the writing that he'd always promised himself he would do one day. None of it would be wasted. With his eclectic interests ranging from food to fossils, from wine to wailing guitars, from surrealists to steam engines and beyond, he is never going to be short of subject matter. Now, at last, from his home in a small Wessex Village, he is weaving some of the more believable situations that he's encountered, along with the tales and experiences related to him by the people with whom he's worked and played, into his series of stories, the 'Lena's Friends' crime novels.

Chris Graham
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