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Christopher Mundie
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Paths: The Three
“Please. Please, God, Jesus, Buddha, anyone - help a teen in need,” Airem said to himself as he eyed down the sights hoping for the shotgun to fire. Even though the attackers saw the gun pointed at them, they did not react to it; they just rushed to Airem.
* * *
Three very different people brought together by dangerous events in an unlikely place. How will they survive? Can they discover what has happened and will they be able to come up with a solution to all their problems?
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Christopher Mundie
Christopher Mundie has been a published writer since he was twenty-years-old. His newest story is called Paths: The Three, an action/adventure with some sci-fi elements. His first book is the humorous The Jerk (audiobook, e-book, and paperback).
He was born and raised in central Michigan where he went to Delta College to earn his A.S. in Liberal Arts and to Central Michigan University to earn his B.S. in Communication. He furthered his education at University of Alaska Fairbanks and National University.
Besides writing he enjoys photography, movies, and traveling in northern Michigan.
He is currently a writer for game studio Meeting of the Mindz.
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