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Clare West
Book and Profile
Staff Behaving Badly
Staff Behaving Badly is designed to help managers get the best out of their staff. This book is an essential part of every good managers library.
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Clare West
Clare has been happily married for nearly forty years, and she is deeply proud of two brilliant children and an amazing granddaughter. When she isn’t engaged in training or development she is preoccupied with her own garden, other people’s gardens and the constant search for the perfect photograph.
She has over twenty years experience of the management and delivery of training and development. She is a qualified teacher, a member of the CMI and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development. Previously she had worked at an enterprise agency where she provided training, support and counselling to those entering or in self-employment. Clare also managed the marketing division of the agency and was responsible for all internal training, development and appraisal procedures. She masterminded the agency’s achievement of Investors in People.
Clare established Deangate Business Development in 1995 to concentrate on the design and delivery of training in management and development skills. She says “It gave me the chance to focus on my passion for helping people develop and grow, especially those who have leadership roles because they have such an impact on business success and – perhaps more important – on the quality of everyone’s working life."
Her standards based management training, includes the design and delivery of a management programme for team leaders at a local factory, which received a National Training Award. She is the author of a series of training packages and she has also contributed for many years to the design and delivery of career development workshops for research scientists at universities in the UK and Austria.
She sees people management skills as a major issue in modern business environments. “The responsibility for motivating and directing staff is crucial to every aspect of every business but it is a skilled and sometimes frustrating task. It is expecting too much to ask people to take on these roles without any support. Through my teaching, coaching and writing, I aim to help leaders at every level develop the confidence and the skills to do a difficult job really well.”
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