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Coincidences by Chris Graham
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Coincidences - “Something isn’t quite right about this” - A Lena's Friends novel - The sequel to Transactions.
A serving prisoner prepares to appeal against his conviction. In the meantime his other businesses, both legitimate and otherwise, continue to provide the income that will keep themselves and his household in operation.

A suspected criminal, who was murdered whilst on bail, and whose killer has not been identified after three years due to a lack of either witnesses or evidence, becomes a suspect once again as new evidence comes to light that points to his involvement in crimes that another man is at present serving time for committing.

A well respected property developer, who is a partner in a scheme that blurs the boundaries between providing accommodation and accommodating the sexual tastes of well heeled hedonists, enlists the unknowing assistance of one of his clients to incriminate an innocent, but not entirely blameless, man.

A wealthy businessman, with a penchant for beautiful young women wearing school uniform, makes a considerable amount of money from the fine art market, but not all of the valuable works sold after the exhibition of the year are as they might seem.

A grieving mother and war heroine, pressures the police into continuing their investigation into her son’s murder after several years of no leads. She then learns rather more about her dear departed son’s business life than she really wanted.

When all of these come together, both justice and death become inevitable.

eBook details:
Number of Words: 103000
Published: Aug 2016

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