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Corpoetry by Rohini Sunderam
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Corporate life is sometimes hard sometimes easy - sometimes fraught with danger and sometimes a laugh a minute...

Midday ennui
Screen-saver, dream saver,
Mindless fish in bubbling water
Covering the desktop
Floating back and forth
In their imitation aquarium
With all the wrong fish together
They make me feel like one of them:
Out of water.
Hold your seahorses!
It’s midday ennui
In lieu of a cigarette in the stench-filled corridor
Surely I’m allowed a few words with the fish?
“Gulp…gulp…hi, how’s it goin’… gulp.”
And then there’s the cheeky toaster with wings
Reminding me that this is what it’s all about: Bread.
And if they should catch me wasting time
Mindless, mind just wandering –
I’m toast.

Poems and illustrations inspired by corporate life...

eBook details:
Number of Words: 7500
Published: Nov 2014
Genre: Poetry

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