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Disrespected by Chris Graham
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Disrespected - “Nothing gets you a little respect like the muzzle of a gun” - A 'Lena's Friends' novel.
GUNS, STUDENTS, RELIGION, RAPE, MURDER, GREED, AND REVENGE - A recipe for a deadly cocktail.

A story of deception, abduction, violation, and murder, as we take a journey from crazy plans and forlorn hope… to betrayal, revenge, and ultimately a deadly justice.

Hidden away in a warehouse with their freedom taken from them, old and disabled people are fearing for their lives… But is it really their lives at risk?… Or merely their wealth and their cherished memories?

Forbidden by her culture from choosing her own path, a young girl fears for the future she dreams of with the man she loves… But is her future looking much shorter, bleaker, and far more cruel than she ever imagined?

A brother with devout beliefs, but a tainted secret and a twisted morality, enlists the help of his young cousins to recover his family’s honour… But in doing so, is he tearing the family apart?

From Britain to the Balkans, the police unravel the mystery with a little help from Lena’s friends.

eBook details:
Number of Words: 92500
Published: Mar2018

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