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Flowering Wisdom - by Mark Strong
Flowering Wisdom
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What is the secret to success?
This short book will help you gain insight into the 'human condition' and may hopefully give you hints and advice that can lead you to a more fulfilling or fulfilled life.

Topics include physical and mental exercises, possible forays into the mystical, areas for personal improvement, and motivation. All are written in the author's straightforward, question-yourself-or-perish style.

The book is divided into three sections in which chapters are grouped together covering similar themes. A ‘Body’ section, contains the chapters relating to physical training, mindsets and motivation. The ‘Mind’ section which contains the chapters relating to mental processes and development. And a ‘Soul’ (or 'Spirit' if you prefer) section which covers slightly more ethereal topics and examines untapped potential of the human condition, among other things.

eBook details:
Number of Words: 12000
Published: Feb 2013

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