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Frederick E Bryson
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Mystery & Adventure
The Jefferson Legion
William Campbell is an angry man. He is angry at the government that ignored his son's Gulf War illness that eventually killed him, and angry over his wife's subsequent suicide--so angry that he forms a militia group known as The Jefferson Legion and sets out to wreak revenge on the government.
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General Fiction
White Nights on the Neva
I was having lunch in a sidewalk cafe in Pittsburgh, PA, when a young, blond waitress approached to take my order. She spoke with a heavy Eastern European accent, so I inquired as to where her home was. Siberia, was her answer. Having been drawn to the story of Alexander Pushkin for a number of years, I asked if she knew Pushkin. "Of course I know Pushkin!" she said with emphasis that hinted of obsession. White Nights on the Neva is the recreation of the life of a man who was supremely consumed by matters of the heart, his own.
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Frederick E Bryson
Frederick was born and raised in the "Thomas Wolfe" country of Western North Carolina.  Trained as an engineer, he drifted toward writing, combining those two interests to publish perhaps 1500 technical articles.
At the turn of the century, his interest was redirected toward fiction, publishing SCENT OF THE RIVER and WIND IN THE WEB, stories of the removal of native Americans from his homeland to the American West.  That was followed by CROSSING TO TADOUSSAC, a coming-of-age novel about modern day Quebec, CA.  Two years ago, Ex-L-Ence Publishing produced his THE JEFFERSON LEGION, a political novel about the fall of the US government.
Most recently, Ex-L-Ence Publishing brought out his WHITE NIGHTS ON THE NEVA, an intense reprise of the life of Russian poet, Alexander Pushkin.  Bryson is quick to point out that this novel is not a study of Pushkin's poetry, but, rather, describes the self-tortured life of the man Russians look to as their Shakespeare.  The novel was 18 years in the making.
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