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Frupp & Riley’s Splendiferous Week by Neil Walton
A True - History of Cricket
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Strange goings-on down at Granddads allotment...

A short (17,500 words approx) collection of children's stories...

Set on a ramshackle allotment in the fictional village of Windowsill Ledge, this children’s book charts the adventures of a young boy called Riley.  He visits his granddad’s allotment plot and shed by himself during the last week of his summer holiday, while Granddad is away on his canal boat.

Riley gets a shock when he meets Frupp Twizzy for the first time, as he isn’t human or an alien!  And Frupp’s friends are rather quirky too.  There are laughs, excitement, education and a tinge of sadness, but overall it was a splendiferous week.

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eBook details:
Number of Words: 17500
Published: Feb 2020

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