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Gone And Forgotten by Thea Hartley
Gone And Forgotten
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Book 5 of the 'Resa James criminal psychologist mysteries'.
'Kate Gilby' turns up dressed in rags in a local hospital.

She disappeared four years ago with her daughter Sophie. There was an extensive nation-wide search, however, they appeared to be missing without trace.

'Kate' claims that she did not know about her daughters kidnap, and that she was drugged, fed and sexually abused in the basement of a local house. She does not realise how much time has passed.

However, the house does not appear to exist, and this 'Kate' is over twenty stone in weight with short blonde hair, whereas the Kate who disappeared was slim and dark. Is she really Kate Gilby? There is no-one to identify her.

DS Angela McCarthy has been put in charge of the case to prove her ability for promotion. However, she is stumped, and asks her friend, Resa James the criminal psychologist who is a police consultant, to help. Although Resa has her own problems to contend with, she agrees to Angela’s request.

The case is not as simple as it seems, it opens a large can of worms with International repercussions and the involvement of the FBI.

What are the deep secrets which are about to be revealed?

Will the team survive this dangerous assignment?

eBook details:
Number of Words: 90000
Published: Jun 2016

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