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Helen Heightsman Gordon
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General Nonfiction
Aztecs, Mayas, and the Conquest of Mexico
If you are interested in the Aztec, or Maya, Cortes and the Conquistadors, or Malinalli, this is a great place to start learning about these amazing people and events.
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Helen Heightsman Gordon
Dr. Gordon published five textbooks while a Professor of English at Bakersfield College, Bakersfield, California, as well as numerous articles, opinion pieces, and humor.  Her work has appeared in scholarly journals, newspapers, and professional newsletters. Her poetry has been published in such diverse venues as Amelia, Gray’s Sporting Journal, Good Housekeeping, and The Salt Lake Tribune.
In 2007, she won first prize in the “Best Historical Novel” category at Hollywood Book Festival for her first novel, Voice of the Vanquished: The Story of the Slave Marina and Hernan Cortes.
In 2008, she ranked among finalists in the category of “Best New Non-Fiction Books,” (sponsored by USA Book News), for her second edition of The Secret Love Story in Shakespeare’s Sonnets.
She lives in Santa Barbara, California, devoting  full time to authoring and promoting her trademarked word game, Anagrabber: The FUN-damental word game for all ages.
Her venture into the world of e-books begins with sharing the ten years of research she has done on the Aztec and Maya societies.
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