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Here, My Prayer - by Mark Strong
Here, My Prayer
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-- This is REAL prayer --
Taking control of your own destiny through the affirmation of what you believe to be rightfully yours, or at least on its way into your life.

The latest offering of Wisdom and Self-Empowerment from author Mark Strong. Presenting specific modern-day prayers (not the 'religious' or 'traditional' variety) to guide and support anyone currently on the quest to realising their own Highest Truth.

Rooted in affirmation, gratitude, and BELIEF, these poetic and powerful verses serve as a Self-Empowerment tool in the quest for Higher Truth and the attraction of true desires.

The book has no connection to traditional 'religious' prayers, but rather offers the reader inspirational and empowering ideas through which they can affirm, create, and realise their own Highest Truth.

eBook details:
Number of Words: 4750
Published: Feb 2020

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