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In The Realm Of Mythic Imagination by Robin Roberts
In The Realm Of Mythic Imagination
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At thirteen, Marianne Henderson was raped. Her only aid and comfort came from her older brother, Louis, who stood by her through the abortion that followed. Just returned from that horrible ordeal, they were observed by Oscar, the youngest of the three siblings, who believed Louis had somehow hurt his beloved big sister. Sworn to secrecy by Marianne, Louis endured in pained silence as Oscar’s hatred grew.

Drawn together for the first time in ten years, each of the three must overcome their personal demons in order to solve an even greater mystery. One as ancient as mankind itself. The three are aided in their quest by Lucy Apello, great-great-granddaughter of a Mayan prince, struggling to comprehend the burden of her ancestry in a modern world. As the four plunge into the depths of history the true self of each is revealed.

In The Realm of Mythic Imagination is a literary extrapolation loosely based on the Mayan myth of the universe. It follows the Hendersons and Lucy Apello, who discover a giant shaft of unknown origin that seems to plunge to the very center of the earth. The answer lies not only at the bottom of the shaft but within the stars as well.

eBook details:
Number of Words: 97600
Published: Dec 2018

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