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Investigating Cromwell by Harold G Birkenhead
Investigating Cromwell
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Investigating Cromwell - In the matter of the Murder of King Charles I

In a recent poll, people in Great Britain voted Oliver Cromwell tenth out of one hundred most popular historical figures. England’s history has been kind to Oliver Cromwell, biographers and historians have shared similar information and presented it without much adjustment. According to what has been written, Cromwell is viewed as a brilliant statesman, a military genius, and a faithful man dedicated to his religious convictions. But not everyone views Cromwell with the same set of eyes.

Now we have “Investigating Cromwell” a factually based and fast-paced novel set in 17th Century England, which aims to contradict and dispel many of those previously held beliefs.

“Investigating Cromwell” begins with the restoration of the monarchy when King Charles II has come to the throne. Those responsible for the murder of the King’s father have been gathered tried and convicted, however, Charles II is determined to prove to history his father’s death was not by revolt nor a revolution, but an unjustified murder at the hands of one radical madman, Oliver Cromwell.

Called by his majesty to organize an investigation unearthing the plots and schemes of Oliver Cromwell is William Davenport, one of England’s leading prosecutors and a bold, outspoken solicitor. Davenport sets out on a dangerous journey, scouring cities, villages and townships, all the while uncovering backroom manoeuvrings, plots, manipulations, betrayals, imprisonments and yes, even murders. Join Davenport and let him take you along on his journey.

“Investigating Cromwell” is a well-researched investigation which will appeal to historians and armchair investigators alike. Anyone who has been searching for concrete proof that Oliver Cromwell was, in contrast to what has previously been recorded, the one most responsible for the murderer of King Charles I, will find “Investigating Cromwell” most intriguing.

eBook details:
Number of Words: 54500
Published: Feb 2018

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