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James McKenzie
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What Is Man
What Is Man
What Is Man: made lower than the angels yet crowned with glory and honor given dominion over all things. With only man's own spirit to guide him, he cannot understand the words of God; only by the Spirit of God can these things be understood. God has made his spirit available to his people, that we may know the things of God.
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James McKenzie
I was born in Schram City Illinois in 1934, the forth of five children. I grew up on a small farm where my parents taught me to work hard, and to put my faith in God. They taught me that I had to work hard to plant the seeds, but it is only God who can make them grow. I guess that has carried over  into my work in Christianity. I have loved studying the bible since I was old enough to understand what I read, and I loved sharing my faith with anyone who would listen. I never volunteered to be a Sunday School teacher, but was chosen to take over a class of unruly teenagers. God brought me through that, and later I was asked to teach an adult class.  That lasted for several years, and though I never volunteered, I was asked to fill in for preachers who were on vacation, or where a church was temporarily without a pastor. I was asked to take over a Sunday morning nursing home ministry, to which I strongly re-sisted, saying I could not do that. I lost that battle, and have been doing that now for about fourteen years. As I look back at my work for God, I believe that, (although I never considered it work) as I was studying the bible, I was planting the seeds, and God made it grow. Now I want to share with the world whatever I can in the hope that it will be a seed that God will make grow, thus my effort towards publishing.
I graduated from high school in 1952, and set out to make my mark in the world. I got married at age twenty, and raised two boys and two girls. I worked in a factory for several years, sold products door to door, worked on farms, went to Florida and worked in home construction for ten years, came back to Illinois and worked in swine feed pemix plant for about twelve years, was an over the road truck driver for a couple years, then ended up as a saw operator in a steel plant until I retired at sixty five. Then two years later took a position as a cashier for a department store for a few months, then went back to my saw operator job at the steel plant until I retired again at age seventy-three. I now at age eighty, still retired, spend my time on my little ten acre home, mowing grass, gardening, and doing my nursing home ministry, and my music.
My music is my greatest pleasure, aside from my ministry. Actually it is a great part of my ministry. I have been playing guitar and fiddle since I was a teenager. I play old time country, (I still prefer to call it hillbilly) bluegrass, and mostly gospel. I have written several songs, of which, none have been published; but I’m still working on that too. I play with a group that, although we have played for public events, we mostly do nursery home singing’s, and  for our own pleasure.
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