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Jo Saunders
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Elephant Box
A fantasy for teens, and adults who are young at heart. A story which ranges across continents and time. From Africa to India, to England and back to Africa, the box journeys through the centuries. Lovingly constructed around a small enchanted ivory carving, the box calls to men and to elephants, meeting many on the way.
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Emily is a young girl who can hear other people’s thoughts. She lives in Natal in the late 1900s. Ben lives in England five centuries earlier. From his dying father he inherits the powers of flight and telepathy. They become friends. Magic​, intrigue, love​,​ heartache, and loss combine to weave a tale of mystery and redemption.
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Jo lives in Zimbabwe with her husband, her elderly border collie, and sundry outside animals. She has always wanted to write, and has enjoyed letter writing all her life. As a child in Southern Africa, where she was born, she had to write letters home from boarding school, and this set the trend.
After University she moved to England and lived and worked, mainly in IT, in London for over a decade.
In 1981 she travelled round the world, saving her experiences in letters. In 1983 she moved to Northamptonshire where she got married and her son was born. Seven years later the family relocated to Zimbabwe where they have settled. They love the people and the climate. They have spent a lot of time in the Zimbabwean and South African game parks, in the Eastern Highlands, and in Kariba, and they used to follow their growing son around to sailing regattas around the globe.
Jo started applying herself to novel writing in 2010, and wrote a book that her critics deemed unpublishable although she still believes it has charm and potential. She did a Creative Writing Course through Random House in Cape Town in 2012 where the idea of Elephant Box was born. It has taken her three years to get the book up to scratch; in the meantime she has written another novel, several short stories (one was published in an anthology early in 2015) and many poems (several published in anthologies), and has started to enjoy writing flash fiction. She belongs to many writing groups, mostly online.
Jo enjoys reading and swimming and walking her dog, scenery and sunsets, and dramatic storms. She meditates, does Nia and Tai Chi, and is interested in psychology, spirituality, and comparative religion. She likes the idea that people read fantasy as a spiritual quest.
Jo Saunders
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