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Kate Marcus - The cold case of lies by Faith Byrd
Kate Marcus - Revenge
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Kate Markus is intuitive, resourceful, and at times rational. That’s a fancy way of saying that when the shit hits the fan, she can handle it. If you are in trouble, you want her around and on your side.

Fate has been cruel to her. Her first husband Chuck murdered, her son shot, and more...

Kate had thought it was all behind her. She married her new love, Chris, and they share a bond of remarkable love. Together they have built a new life. It’s good and Kate is proud of her large loving family.

Kate tries to keep busy and away from danger. Writing a book for her children on their family ancestry. Making a home for her new husband, and trying to be normal.

Fate intervenes again. Kate senses impending danger, but is it real? She wonders if maybe she needs the adrenaline rush and it’s just imagination. But complacency can be fatal. Kate pays the price, her past rears up ugly and brutal, tearing a hole in her safety and the security of everyone around her.

eBook details:
Number of Words: 28700
Published: Apr 2020

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