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Kill And Cure by Thea Hartley
Kill And Cure
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Book 3 of the 'Resa James criminal psychologist mysteries'.
Azrael is here...

Sally came over to John and seeing his eyes open gave him a soft kiss on the lips, “Just taking a shower, love” she told him unnecessarily.

His eyes followed her across the room until she entered the door of the bathroom. The opened window caused a draught which softly blew the turquoise polyester quilt cover into waves on a sea of lost dreams.

He felt no sexual urge for her nor produced any physical reaction. He felt hardly any sensations at all nowadays. The only thing he was aware of was discomfort and not being able to move unaided. John had suffered with motor neuron disease (MND) for three years that he knew of.
* * *
John felt terror. Was this a hallucination? Is this how you died with the grim reaper in a Lycra body suit turning up at your bedside?

The figure was holding something. It shone in the thin light which sneaked through the curtains and bounced off its reflective surface. A blade of some sort? A knife? A scalpel?

The blade touched John’s neck ...he barely felt it. There was only a slight sensation of pressure in his type of MND, and that’s what he now felt ...a sort of push. This pressure continued down his torso.
* * *
When John is found dead one morning, it is not a surprising event. He has suffered from Motor Neurone Disease for a few years, and is in the final stages. However, John has not died naturally... he has been cut open and filleted like a fish. His organs displayed.

A calling card is left ... 'Azrael’ ... the Angel of Death".

Join Resa and the team at Cardiff Police HQ including Superintendent Mike Thompson, DI Rob Stevens and DS Angela McCarthy as they try to solve this mystery which may well incriminate someone they know and care about...

The killer, a twisted Psychopath, is convinced that they are killing people who want to die... those with terminal and incurable diseases. The death toll grows... and the killer’s identity baffles Resa and the police team.

What will be the final outcome - Will the Angel of death envelop all of them in its wings?

eBook details:
Number of Words: 64500
Published: Feb 2015

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