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Mark Strong
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Martial Arts
Muaythai In Thailand
Muaythai is the most wellknown martial art from Thailand. You can read about it and gain insight into the sport, its culture, and those who are involved in it. All from the viewpoint of a Westerner who now knows the people, the country, the mindset, the culture and the language in Thailand from the inside out.
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Personal Development
Thoughts of Attraction
This eBook deals with subjects such as: Limitations; Habits; Mind; Positive Expansive Thinking; Intent, Action and Enthusiasm; Focus; Mystical Mindset; Physical Activity and Belief and Expectation. Giving you some idea of the direction and mindset one needs to cultivate in order to ensure personal development.
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Flowering Wisdom
What is the secret to success?
This short book will help you gain insight into the 'human condition' and may hopefully give you hints and advice that can lead you to a more fulfilling or fulfilled life.
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Here, My Prayer
Read this now, if you are seeking ways to make your prayers (intentions) carry weight.
-- This is REAL prayer -- taking control of your own destiny through the affirmation of what you believe to be rightfully yours, or at least on its way into your life.
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The Root of Fear
An in-depth examination of the origination of Fear, aided by some of the ideas and explanations contained within ancient Buddhist philosophy.
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Mark's writing is largely influenced by his interest in martial arts and its related fields. A practitioner for more than 30 years and a coach for 20 years, Mark is a 5th degree black belt in kickboxing and a former full-contact competitor. He has lived in Thailand since 2004, moving there to fully investigate the art of Thai Boxing (muaythai), training with world champions and Grandmasters. He also qualified as a UFC Gym (UK) Certified Coach in 2019, and continues to coach muaythai to anyone from rank beginners and children to professional boxer's and mma practitioners, with an emphasis on conditioning and progress.
Mark's practice of martial arts led him into the study of meditation (and Buddhism) via his ever burgeoning interest in Spirituality in its many forms, along with all forms of personal growth and development, a logical direction for anyone having pursued martial arts skill.
For 2020, Mark has several works in the pipeline related to the themes of physical conditioning, Buddhism and meditation. Watch this space.
Mark Strong
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