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Martial Arts: Applications in Higher Education by Charles Spring
Martial Arts: Applications in Higher Education
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A discussion on the value of martial arts in the educational system and how, arguably, it can be an excellent example of lifelong learning for all.

The concept of this book evolved from the author’s experiences in developing and establishing higher education programmes at the University of Derby Buxton between the years 2004 and 2010.

The book is aimed at academics, martial artists, and anyone interested in learning and melding ‘real world’ pursuits with methodical and robust teaching to improve a professional approach to those pursuits.

It is an exploration of programmes of study that are based in sound educational concepts, but with a bias towards the study of martial arts at undergraduate and postgraduate level. This book includes an assessment of learning and teaching within the programmes using case studies to emphasise key points. A definition of the term ‘martial arts’ and consideration of their history. Educational theories, the process of research, validation of the programmes, assessing the use of experiential learning, professionalism within the area of teaching and coaching practice, and pedagogy and benchmarking of standards.

eBook details:
Number of Words: 28500
Published: Aug 2015

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