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Martin Flynn
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Brothers in Arms
Brothers in Arms’ is a short fictional tale, depicting the relationship of two highly competitive brothers. Their relationship throughout their early childhood and through the duration of their Basic Training in the Armed Forces is not an easy one. They devise a dangerous game of ‘Chicken’ when young, which has the potential to be far more dangerous as they grow older. Will a betrayal and a major argument between two brothers result in one game of Chicken too many?
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Martin Flynn
Martin's father served in the Armed Forces, in parts of North West Germany and later in Kent, England. Martin grew up with a military background, attended military schools and spent 12 months in the Army Cadets at the age of 15.
Martin is based in Kent and works, performing IT support, for the Trinity Laban Music and Dance Conservatoire at the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich, South East London.
A young, developing writer, he is keen to build his creative writing skills and has just recently completed his first fictional short story ‘Brothers in Arms’.
He aims to create gritty yet realistic storylines with a sense of escapism and a strong focus on lead characters and how they react to the situations they find themselves in. However, to try and achieve a realistic sense of balance, he laces his stories with humorous and light-hearted moments throughout. He hopes to create scenes and scenarios that are believable and interesting to the reader while using them to continue to develop the personas of his lead characters.
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