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Mick O'Shea
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Crime & Detective
The Wonderland Gang
A well known member of the London underworld of the 1960s, Bruce Milner is about to be ‘fitted-up’, framed for a crime that he didn’t commit... He finds himself tied up in an Undertaker’s basement, not the most salubrious of accommodation. Will he be able to escape the basement and the clutches of the law or will he find himself locked away for a very, very long time?
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The Quest
The Quest - the first instalment of the Xavier Chronicles trilogy - is a thrilling fantasy tale brimming with adventure, excitement, intrigue, and just a hint of romance.
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Mick O’Shea is an author with thirteen books published to date. Though Mick is happy writing about any subject, he mainly focuses on music-related subjects which stems from his life-long passion for all things rock’n’roll. Indeed, having played in several bands in his youth, he often jokes that he’s a failed rock star trapped inside an author’s body.
He first started writing on a casual basis in 1999, writing articles for magazines such as Amped, Wired, and Record Collector while working within the financial sector, before making the switch from numbers to letters on a full-time basis in 2008.
His first book ‘Only Anarchists Are Pretty, a semi-fictional account of the Sex Pistols early career, was published by Helter Skelter in 2004 and garnered positive reviews, while his latest musical tome, is ‘Stayin’ In Tune’, an unauthorised biography of the Clash’s Mick Jones.
He has also appeared in several documentaries including Rebel Truce: the History of The Clash, and Never Mind the Sex Pistols, an Alternative History, and was the researcher on Alan G. Parker’s 2009 film Who Killed Nancy?
Mick O'Shea
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