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The uplifting true story of one man’s amazing pilgrimage to Santiago.
The Camino de Santiago has been a holy pilgrimage across northern Spain for more than a 1,000 years. When retired journalist Mike Gardner began walking from St. Jean-Pied-de-Port, in April, 2018, he didn’t know if he would make it. The Camino is an extraordinary physical challenge of 800 kilometres, taking pilgrims around five weeks to complete – though the majority don’t make it.

Mike believes he was accompanied on his pilgrimage by powerful, supernatural forces. He made friends from all over the world and, he says, they were touched by the hand of God. He met cocaine addicts, alcoholics, reformed alcoholics, pilgrims with millions of pounds, one walker who was so poor his budget was five euros a day, airline pilots, plumbers and one amazing lady from New Zealand, who overcame a lifetime of mental anguish, in one divine moment.

Mike says he witnessed four miracles, and enjoyed dozens of experiences that were either the result of mystic forces or coincidences that stretch the laws of statistics way, way beyond breaking point. He acquired two sons, three daughters, three sisters and brothers too numerous to put a figure on. His pilgrimage is the essence of everything that is so wonderful about this unique place - there is nowhere like it on Earth.

He originally posted his story every day on the internet, as a blog, where he would record his journey on a mobile phone, late at night, and without notes, exhausted but invigorated and keen to put on record his incredible experiences, while everything was fresh in his mind. It was shared all over the world and by the time he reached Santiago, it was being read by thousands of people. This is his story, updated and improved, with more than 70 photographs – it is entirely truthful, uplifting, poignant and ultimately triumphant.

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Number of Words: 45000
Published: Oct 2018

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