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Mungo Warner by Meriel Brooke
Mungo Warner
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Growing up in the 1940's, when homosexuality was illegal and rarely discussed, Mungo Warner's exceptional beauty leads to harsh treatment by his father, abuse by his tutor at Choir School and sodomy by a gang of roughs.

The abuse of young men was known as the Lavender Scare, and the victims were known as Lavender Boys or Sugar Pants.

Are you born homosexual? Can you change?

Mungo has close friends like Amy and Tom who are willing to be there for him. And Hilary, who starts as an enemy and then becomes a friend - and perhaps is destined to be something more.

Mungo loves music and singing in a choir. He works in the theatre and becomes an accomplished actor. But his sexuality remains confused, even the prospect of marriage and parenthood offers him no solace. Will he find himself or is he destined to live a life of lies?

The story of Mungo is perhaps the story of every young child who ever grew up with troubles and nightmares. Or perhaps it’s the story of every young adolescent who ever questioned their sexuality. Or it may be the story of every man and woman who has ever questioned whether they will find success, their place in the world, and most importantly of all... fulfilment.

eBook details:
Number of Words: 65000
Published: Aug 2014

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