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Neil Walton
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A Section for Laughing
Neil Walton survived a protracted clinical depressive phase, only to be diagnosed with type II bipolar disorder. An occupational therapist referred him to a local editorial team and writing ensued... His observational humour (and a life full of much craziness with the occasional added dash of extremely strange) has given birth to 'A Section for Laughing'. ...
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A True... History of Cricket
A short (just over 7,000 words) and excruciatingly funny 'history' of the game of cricket... "Let’s get to grips with the modern game, the game I call Sticks and Twigs. Now, I know what a football is, and I know it’s the name of a game, but what is a cricket? Tis neither bat nor ball nor stump - is it?"
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Children's Stories
Frupp & Riley’s Splendiferous Week
Riley gets a shock when he meets Frupp Twizzy for the first time, as he isn’t human or an alien!  And Frupp’s friends are rather quirky too.  There are laughs, excitement, education and a tinge of sadness, but overall it was a splendiferous week.
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Neil Walton
My writing career began in 1999 when I was referred to a journalist’s course by my Occupational Therapist after my fourth breakdown. I’d mentioned to her that I was thinking of writing a book about my experiences and it was her next sentence that would prove to be the pin point marker in a sustained bout of good mental health for me. She said, “Let’s get you published first.”
I wasn’t quite sure what she meant but I arrived at the day unit in Hornsey to find and editorial team run by mental health survivors and led by a professional freelance journalist with 20 years of experience. The team were taught how to produce the on-line newsletter ‘Equilibrium’ from scratch, which covers all mental health issues and is still produced today. Six weeks later I saw my name in print for the first time, when the team edited a piece I wrote on depression. So what began as therapy ended my trips to the psychiatric ward.
The course ran for two year course but I stayed on for three more years and in that time I was encouraged to write my first book Bi Polar Expedition My work was then recommended and in 2006 my book was published.
A few years later I joined another on-line mental health newsletter team called Forward, where I wrote the humour page for three years and left the team as the deputy editor in 2012. And it was during my time there that I began the first drafts of 'A Section for Laughing'.
Ironically, after suffering with a protracted diagnosis, I somehow managed to hang onto my all of my ‘humour marbles’. Now it’s time to play with them…
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