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Nik Forster
Books and Profile
Children & Young Adult
Ayumi Girl of the Borneo Forest
Ayumi is a young Japanese girl, who at the age of seven discovers she has a gift that enables her to telepathically communicate with animals.
Her father, an executive with a timber company, is sent to Borneo to supervise and set up a logging camp. He takes his wife and daughter with him. Ayumi befriends a large orang-utan whom she later names Roger...
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General Fiction
SALO - Canine Outlaw
Second and revised edition released Jun 2018.
The harsh Australian outback... where death is only a single mistake away...
A dingo pup, only a few weeks old, is orphaned when his parents are shot and killed by a cattle farmer. Near to death from starvation, the pup is rescued by David Wiringales, an elderly Aborigine who lives a solitary life in the outback.
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“Kiyoshi feigned concentration and waited for the right moment. The man turned away and Kiyoshi with one swift movement lunged at the umbrella, grabbed hold of the lower part, swung it in an arc and brought the handle down with all the force he could muster on the strangers head."
Kiyoshi and the Grumpy Ghost is a light-hearted tale about a lovesick Japanese school teacher haunted by the ghost of a 17th century British Naval Captain. The ancient mariner seeks his aid to find eternal rest.
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Feral Cat
The story of Pie Whackett.
A pregnant domestic house cat is accidentally transported in the back of a removal truck to the rainforest of Queensland. If she and her kittens are to survive she must fight tooth and claw, rely on her instincts, kill or be killed; face snakes, goannas, eagles, dingoes, floods and the most dangerous of  all, man.
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Crime & Detective
REVISED EDITION - The original version of this book was published in 2015 with the title Urban Samurai.
Tony Mason loves Karate, he loves it enough to overcome personal tragedy and go to Japan to study it in depth... However shortly after his return to his native Australia, he ends up in prison. There his karate comes in useful but it makes him an enemy of the worst kind.
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Nik Forster
Nik was born in London, educated in England, and then emigrated to Australia in 1981. He has had two “careers” one as a Karate instructor, a Kick boxing and Boxing coach and the other theatre.
After studying law he decided it wasn’t for him and became a merchant seaman for three years. He managed to save enough money to see him through drama school but was fortunate enough to win a scholarship and able to put the cash saved into other things. Namely a Lotus super seven.
He was a student at the E15 Acting school in the UK for three years and after graduation took over the role of Grumio at the Oxford Playhouse when one of the actors became ill. After doing rep, making a few commercials, TV and radio roles, he landed a two and a half year stint at The National theatre.
He took over a major role when a cast member’s father died but although delighted would have preferred it to have been under more favourable circumstances.
All the while he kept up his martial arts training in Soho attending seminars and classes.
NIk obtained Australian citizenship in 1984 and appeared in many “Soapies,” several films and toured with the Sydney Theatre company.
He has written plays, directed and produced his first feature and was nominated for the best supporting actor in a previous film.
Nik went to Japan in the early nineties to study under various well known Karate instructors and fought in a couple of tournaments before returning to Australia nearly three years later.
He never considered himself to be another E.M Forster but wrote for the pleasure of it. His first book was published in the USA and came as a complete surprise. After that he has written tales of different genres. A ghost story set in Japan, a story about Dingoes, feral cats and a kid’s story about an orang-utan.
He still teaches kick boxing and does the odd acting job, lives in Sydney twenty five minutes drive from the city centre with his Japanese partner whom he met twenty three years ago and a cat called Fluffy. Still learning as a creator of novels he hopes to earn a few bob to supplement his income and become more proficient in the art of writing.

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