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Nobody's Nomad by W G Warren
Nobody's Nomad
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We all have a story. This is our story. A delightful, humorous, yet occasionally dispirited comparative of then and now that explores life after a devastating loss of income – and our home.

How many like me are out there? According to news reports and the Internet, tens of thousands of hapless ex-homeowners, including their families, billet in quarters orchestrated from necessity rather than choice. According to the statistics compiled by “Realty Trac”, nearly twenty million home foreclosures have been reported from 2005 to 2012.

Where are these inauspicious casualties of greed and self-indulgence? Where and how do they exist? Does anyone care? Did anyone care? When Cynthia and I were foreclosed upon, no one asked the where or the how. But we asked, “Where do we live? How do we pay? How will we survive this foreclosure?”

Surviving a foreclosure is a mere subplot to the true-life adventure that had to be written. With the expectation of tranquilizing my anger / ‘F’ attacks, Cynthia said, “Your feelings – write them down – It’s therapeutic.” I did – and could not stop.

“Nobody’s Nomad” describes a narrative of camp and camper woes and wows written and disclosed by those of us that experienced the adventures. Presented in the first person with no presumption of reward or recognition other than to share a great story or two, the kindred souls of campground humor conjure up their best.

Laugh your butt off, or ‘til the tears flow at the funniest RV tale ever told – a true ten on the ten-scale. Commiserate with this bamboozled author and his torment over a broken home, crippled at a truck stop with twenty or more eighteen-wheelers blessing themselves in sympathy. Shed real heartfelt tears when you meet a true American hero. Witness ‘Providence in Action’ as Cynthia and I traverse the roads to acceptance and peace . . . and unravel the significance contained in the nine profound words to weather a foreclosure.

eBook details:
Number of Words: 42500
Published: Jun 2015
Genres: Humour and Biographies

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