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Paths: The Three by Christopher Mundie
Paths: The Three
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“Please. Please, God, Jesus, Buddha, anyone - help a teen in need,” Airem said to himself as he eyed down the sights hoping for the shotgun to fire.

Even though the attackers saw the gun pointed at them, they did not react to it; they just rushed to Airem.

Airem shot one of the attackers straight in the gut. She fell right on her back. The attacker brandishing the meat cleaver, ignoring the fallen person besides her, continued steadily towards him stepping over the body. He pumped the shotgun when she was closer than the other enemy, and shot her in the head by mistake. He had wanted to aim for her chest as well. “Oh great. I’m a killer now. This’ll fit in well with my moral resume.” Some pieces of her head spread all over the room and the rest of her dropped to the ground. Bits and pieces of her and plenty of blood landed on Airem – from head to toe. Airem was thankful none of the attacker got in his mouth or eyes.

Suddenly he realised that the attacker he had shot in the gut was slowly standing up. “How are you still moving?” he yelled...
* * *
Three very different people brought together by dangerous events in an unlikely place. Slowly forging themselves into a team, driven by the need to survive and fight off a bewildering array of almost 'Zombie' like enemies and some mutated creatures too.

How will they survive? Can they discover what has happened and will they be able to come up with a solution to all their problems?

Come along with Jagger, Airem and Davis on a rollercoaster ride of death and mayhem.

eBook details:
Number of Words: 75900
Published: Nov 2014
Genre: Fantasy

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