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Poison Hands - Techniques, Truth and Reasons by Bruce Everett Miller
Poison Hands
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Myth or truth - What can you believe? What an awesome subject. What magic did the old martial arts masters know to be able to do such techniques?

Was there really such a thing? Yes there was and yes there is...

Bruce Everett Miller, an 8th Dan at the Quan Li K'an style of martial arts explains from a Western Medical and Scientific viewpoint what 'Poison Hands' strikes are and teaches how these techniques can be performed.

This eBook takes a serious look at the history and the basis of 'Poison Hands' which are martial arts techniques that to some seem more like magic than an actual achievable skill. If you are a serious martial artist then this information may well help you to understand one of the higher levels of the arts.

Like Bruce's other books this is not an eBook for the pre-teen black belt who wants to ‘kick ass’, it’s for the mature martial artist who wants to expand their understanding of how and why seemingly esoteric techniques actually work.

This eBook gives examples of all five levels of Poison Hands and explains the underlying theory. The illustrations help make sure that you fully understand the whys and the where's...

This eBook is a unique and important addition to any serious martial artists’ eLibrary.

eBook details:
Number of Words: 18000
Published: Nov 2012

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