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Pressure Points - The Deadly Touch by Bruce Everett Miller
Pressure Points - The Deadly Touch
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Martial artists all over the world are interested in adding to their knowledge and ability by incorporating pressure point strikes into their art. However there is a problem, many of the books that show pressure points use the Chinese meridian (acupuncture) paradigm to explain things and whilst this is a long established method, it is not (by modern standards) scientific and it is difficult to learn as each point needs to be memorized individually.

Additionally TCM does not explain ‘non responders’ (People who seem to just not be affected) nor does it explain why opponents on drugs (including alcohol) do not respond to pressure point strikes. More importantly TCM does not give you answers of what to do about that.

Bruce Everett Miller’s eBook is based on MWM (Modern Western Medicine) theory which makes the explanations much easier to understand and also allows for the reader to gain access to many more ‘points’ than is the norm for the Chinese meridian methods, to quote from the eBook: “There are slightly over 360 pressure points specifically identified on charts generally used by acupuncture practitioners. In actuality, if you really understand the principles of pressure points in depth, you will be able to find over 1000 locations.” Another advantage with MWM explanations is being able to check on these points and theories due to the fact that they are explained in western medical text and reference books. That is the gateway to using other medical texts to enhance your understandings ... so you can expand your knowledge even further.

This is not an eBook for the pre-teen black belt who wants to ‘kick ass’, it’s for the mature martial artist who wants to expand their understanding of how the body works and how it’s possible to interrupt the normal functioning of the body by attacking vulnerable points.

This eBook gives examples of all three levels of pressure points and explains the underlying theory. The illustrations help make sure that you fully understand where the main points are and how to find other points by reference to anatomical structures. Western medical terminology gives you exact explanations and locations so there is no confusion on where points are, what points work and why they work.

This eBook is a unique and important addition to any serious martial artists’ eLibrary.

eBook details:
Number of Words: 13000
Published: Jul 2012

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