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Retributions by Chris Graham
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Retributions - “Don't tell me it's another bloody email” - A 'Lena's Friends' novel.
An explosion in an empty bookshop, that harms nobody, is followed by a string of murders that have no apparent motive to connect them to each other. The method of killing varies between them, and apart from those who are murdered together, none of them are known to each other.

Yet all of them are being claimed by the same killer, in a series of e-mails sent to the investigating officers.
Each new murder raises more questions than answers for the police who are investigating them.
  • Why are they being chosen as victims?
  • What kind of victim will the killer choose next?
  • Who is targeting these people so accurately, whilst taking such extreme care to avoid any accidental victims?
And what have they all done to incur his obvious displeasure?

Read 'Retributions' to find out...

eBook details:
Number of Words: 115000
Published: Dec 2016

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