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Rob James
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Science Fiction
The Pocahontas Moratorium
Time travel … but believable.
It was the early hours of the morning. Roger Matthews waited to reaffirm his cynicism about his brother-in-law’s ridiculous scientific experiment. Doctor Ian Pearce however, believed otherwise. He expected a headlong rush into the unknown; travelling through time.
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Rob James
Rob James’s father had ambitions for his son to follow him into engineering. He was disappointed. For, while enjoying an appreciation of engineering and technology, Rob followed a path of advertising and design management up to the point where, biting the bullet, he crossed over into setting up his own retail business.
Despite his father’s disappointment, throughout his career, Rob could see the benefits of embracing new technology, starting with computerised typesetting through to high-end, digital printing. Looking around himself now, it’s the technological developments that continue to excite.
In his student days, Rob studied history, the Industrial Revolution in particular, and believes that, in years to come, we will also look back at the Digital Revolution in much the same way.
It is this perspective on life that fed Rob’s imagination in writing The Pocahontas Moratorium, his first foray into fiction writing.

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