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Robert Cubitt
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A Commando’s Story - A son’s tribute to his father
What would you call a bloke who lay up to his waist in a freezing Norwegian fjord with a smouldering pack of explosives strapped to his chest and German rifle fire zipping past his head?

I called him Dad.
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Science Fiction
The Magi - Vol 1
You really don’t want the best bounty hunter in the galaxy on your trail, and you certainly don’t want to make her mad!

The Galaxy’s wise rulers ‘The Magi’ are lost, and law and order is breaking down. The evil Fell are trying to take over and it needs someone special to stop them. Someone like gutsy female bounty hunter An Kohli.

Vol 1 - The Magi - details or Amazon website.

The Magi - Series
The Magi is Robert Cubitt’s thrilling new sci-fi series. If you like Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, Star Wars, Star Trek and Doctor Who then you’ll love this series of books that combines the best in Space Opera to tell an exciting story.

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Vol 2 - Genghis Kant - details or Amazon website.
Vol 3 - New Earth - details or Amazon website.
Vol 4 - Cloning Around - details or Amazon website.
Vol 5 - Timeslip - details or Amazon website.
Vol 6 - The Return of Su Mali - details or Amazon website.
Vol 7 - Robinson Kohli - details or Amazon website.
Vol 8 - Parallel Lines - details or Amazon website.
I Want That Job
'I Want That Job - A short guide on how to be more successful at job hunting'
Just back from yet another job interview? Want to do better next time?
Don’t just try harder to get that dream job; tilt the odds in your favour by unlocking the secrets of successful job hunting. From writing your CV, through interview skills, to negotiating your starting salary, build on the knowledge of an experienced interviewer to make sure that you know what he knows.
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Writing A Book That Sells
Learn from the experiences of others!
When you start to write a book, you aren’t just writing a book you are selling your book as well. It doesn’t matter how beautiful your prose, if you don’t know how to sell your book then you may as well take up fishing instead. This step by step guide tells you how to construct your book in a way that will appeal to the reader, then how to make sure your readers know that your book exists.
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An Alternative Christmas Carol
FREE from your local Amazon website.
When Charles Dickens wrote his morality tale, A Christmas Carol, he couldn’t know about the banking crisis, fat cat bankers with six figure bonuses or the selling off of state owned assets at knock down prices, so I’ve had to take his story of misanthropy and redemption and update it a little bit.
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Mystery & Adventure
The Warriors: The Girl I Left Behind Me
Volume 1 of The Warriors.
Danger, deception and warfare, three and a half thousand miles from home.
'The Warriors: The Girl I Left Behind Me', tells of the adventures of a soldier and his wife, and a terrorist and his girlfriend. Lofty is a soldier in the British Army, posted to Afghanistan for a tour of duty. Youssef is a British born Muslim whose parents are killed in an accident of war and who joins the Taliban seeking revenge.
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The Warriors: Mirror Man
Volume 2 of The Warriors.
Be afraid, London, be very afraid.
Radioactive nuclear waste is smuggled into the UK to manufacture a “dirty bomb”. In the wrong hands it will mean a slow, agonising death for hundreds, possibly thousands of people. Who can stop this from happening? A young man is kidnapped by MI5 and is blackmailed into working deep undercover for them. He must find the bomb before the terrorists can plant it. If he fails then the whole of London may pay the price. But where do his true loyalties lie? Might he be one of the terrorists?
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Carter's Commandos Book 1 - Operation Absolom
There’s an old saying in the Army, ‘Never volunteer for anything’. It has been said many times, so why on Earth did Steven Carter ignore it?
After volunteering for the Army Commandos, Carter finds himself cut off in enemy occupied Norway. It’s winter, it’s cold and the enemy are hunting for him. Can he survive against all these odds? Even if the Germans don’t capture him, can he find a way back to England?
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Carter's Commandos Book 2 - Operation Tightrope
Know your enemy”. But what happens when your enemy is supposed to be on your side?
Operation Tightrope is the second book in the Carter’s Commando series and takes Lucky Carter to occupied Jersey and northern France in the dangerous service of his country.
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Crime & Detective
The Charity Thieves
When did working with a TV company become an invitation to risk life and limb?
Andy Mirren can’t believe his luck when he is appointed to work as the liaison between his charity and the TV company that runs its annual telethon. But his dream turns to a nightmare as he discovers that the producer and his girlfriend are on the take and that the glittering array of celebrities he must look after are a bunch of idiots (and that’s putting it politely).
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The A to Z of (Amateur) Golf
Golf. Learn why the game is so challenging, why so many golfers aren’t better at it and why it is sometimes such a sheer joy to play.
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Bob was born in Edinburgh in December 1951 to Katherine Sutherland and Bob Cubitt (confusing at times). Bob senior was a professional soldier and the first few years of Bob's life was spent travelling around the world with his family. During his first 15 years he lived in Edinburgh, Austria, Malaya, Enfield, Leigh-on-Sea, Maldon (the Essex one), Harlow and Peckham.
Fed up with such an itinerant lifestyle, in 1968 Bob Joined the Royal Air Force as an apprentice electronics technician and spent the next 23 years travelling the world and enjoying all that service life had to offer. Places visited included Oman (a small island by the name of Masirah), Cyprus, Malta, Holland, Germany and various parts of the UK. During this time he met and married Bernadette and produced three children, Ewan, Tara and Sinead. He retired from the RAF in 1991.
Following on from this Bob took up new employment with Royal Mail as part of their logistics team and stayed with them until 2009. After that he returned to his roots and took up a position with the Ministry of Defence at their Logistics facility at Bicester, Oxfordshire, before leaving to take up full time writing 2012.
Bob has always been keen on writing and had tried his hand at various projects over the years, but the need to earn a crust had always interfered with his desire to be more creative. Now with time to spare Bob returned to writing with passion and produced two works of fiction in rapid succession. In truth these had been "works in progress" while he had still been in full time employment and just needed finishing off. Since publishing these books on Amazon he has focused on new projects and now has a total of seven fiction and three non-fiction works published, with more in the pipeline.
In his spare time Bob enjoys playing golf, is an ardent supporter of Northampton Saints rugby club and is a member of a pub skittles team.

Robert Cubitt
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