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Rohini Sunderam
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General Fiction
Five Lives - One Day in Bahrain
A lovely story that traces the lives of five very different people living in Bahrain, who normally would never meet. But on this day they do, and all their lives are changed forever. Heartbreaking! Heartwarming! Discover unsung heroes. Read an uplifting story that restores your faith in humanity.
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Desert Flower
Written under the pen name of 'Zohra Saeed'
A short story - Love blooms in 1930s Bahrain... Andrew visits a Bahraini carpet merchant, who does not speak English. The merchant calls for his daughter, Noor, to act as interpreter. Noor is a devout Muslim and as such must not expose her face to men outside of her immediate family. They form a bond but will Noor have the nerve to follow Andrew and escape from a formidable culture that wants to prevent these two young lovers from following their hearts?
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Corporate life is sometimes hard sometimes easy - sometimes fraught with danger and sometimes a laugh a minute... Here are some poems and illustrations inspired by corporate life..
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Rohini Sunderam
A Canadian of Indian origin living in Bahrain, Rohini dabbles in all kinds of verse. She has contributed to several anthologies by Robin Barratt. Her poems have been selected in international competitions for publication in Poetry Rivals (Remus House, UK) 2012; Dilliwali (Bushra Alvi Razzak, 2018, India) and Quesadilla & Other Adventures Hawakal Publishers (2019, India). Her books: Corpoetry, Desert Flower and Five Lives One Day in Bahrain are published by Ex-L-Ence UK. Her poem Birth Pangs and her entry in the Rhyming Riddle contest, (7th from 179 entries) are featured in The Society of Classical Poets’ Journal VII (May 2019). Her story: Your rebirth, My death short listed in The Atlantis Short Story Contest 2013 was published by Expanded Horizons (September 2018).Winner: Oapschat, U.K (2014). Participant in the Colours of Life annual poetry festival in Bahrain since 2012. She is a founder/director of the Bahrain Writers’ Circle.
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