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Seeds of the Nephilim - Evil Angels On Earth by Violet Smyth
Seeds of the Nephilim - Evil Angels On Earth
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The day Maurice was pushed out of a job he loved, he was devastated. As a black man in a white man’s world he had always worked hard, kept himself to himself, and tried to fit in with his police colleagues.

An unusual introduction led to a new job, again working for the government.

His neighbours, and friends, a single mother and her teenage daughter, made him take a long, hard, look at his job and those in authority. He started to question why a government department was collecting so much information on people without their knowledge. And what were they doing with it? It would take a cleaner, a student and an ex-copper to find out.

Between them they amateurishly poked and prodded around in the smoke and mirrors world of secret agencies, revealing who really did pull the strings. The unlikely investigators uncovered the kind of information conspiracy theorists already knew. That the earth and its inhabitants had been manipulated for thousands of years by beings from another dimension.

The Nephilim, evil angels, were sowing seeds in the fertile minds of gullible humans. Playing games with the desperate and needy, then stepping back and watching the chaos they created play out across the world.

Humans were toys and pretty stupid ones, but there was the possibility of help, good angels who might just possibly intervene. They were using Maurice and his friends for their own purpose, to defeat the Nephilim leaving them to continue with their original purpose on earth. But would the fight carry on endlessly in the shadows or would it come to some sort of conclusion that would let Maurice and friends live their lives in relative safety in the months and years to come...

eBook details:
Number of Words: 76500
Published: May 2017

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